GED I & ELCATE Programs

GED I & ELCATE Programs
Posted on 08/17/2020
Our GED-I (GED Students) and ELCATE (ESOL Students) Programs allow students to prepare for and enroll in our CNA (Nursing Assistant) while completing their GED or ESOL classes. During the 2020-2021 school year, we will be offering this program to our ESOL and AGE/GED students who enroll in August, September, or October.

How it works:

As part of their AGE/GED or ESOL curriculum during Fall 2020 classes, students will learn terminology and concepts to help prepare them for our CNA program. In January 2021, they will enroll in our CNA (Nursing Assistant) program. The CNA program is scheduled to be completed by March 2021. For students who do not complete their GED or ESOL requirements upon completion of the CNA program, they will continue to work with an instructor in their respective programs.

For more information, contact Travis Thomas at 386-447-4345 Ext. 1206.